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Testimonials – Donegan Media Services
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“Matt was very successful in developing significant nontraditional revenue campaigns, He also successfully engaged his team and guided them through the entire cause marketing process. He has a detailed, proven model and strategy for developing and selling high-dollar NTR campaigns. His persistence and creativity yielded a very high percentage close ratio. You can be confident that Matt will be successful in applying his skill set and generating substantial new business for your station from sources not typical in the transactional, spot sales arena.”

Tommy SchenckFormer VP General Manager - WRAZ-TV FOZ 50

“I have had the pleasure with working with Matt Donegan as a broadcaster for over 15 years and have firsthand experience of his keen and unique ability to generate significant revenues via cause marketing like no other. His surefire and multifaceted approach includes the rare combination of: True Non Traditional revenue generation
Positive station recognition via community involvement for each of his campaigns
All having an immediate and long lasting residual impact on all participating partners in the campaign.
Matt’s success is not only validated by his campaigns being Nationally recognized on numerous occasions but his consistent ability to help stations achieve revenue goals like mine.”

DuJuan McCoy President & CEO - Bayou City Broadcasting - NAB Board Member

“Matt Donegan’s leadership, mentoring and coaching generated many successful long term initiatives that I had the privilege of taking a driving role. Matt Donegan taught me how to execute these cause marketing campaigns on my own. More importantly, Matt gave my career meaning and I am forever grateful for his guidance and wisdom. Matt Donegan truly is the expert in Cause Marketing.”

Liz Kline Account Executive WRAZ-TV FOX 50 - 2015 Service To America Winner